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Project Management Assignment Help

A project is a temporary activity which aims to output a certain result or to create a certain product or service. Alternatively, it can be viewed as a process of applying knowledge and managing resources (planning, organizing, controlling them) to ensure the execution of certain tasks in line with predetermined goals. Hence, any project is a complex undertaking unfolding on multiple levels.

Our professional writing service, Edubirdie, offers project management assignment help among many other forms of academic assistance. We approach project management assignments of any type or complexity and provide results in record terms – big projects could be evenly split among multiple writers to meet tougher deadlines.

Project Management Assignments & Challenges

Project management assignments present multiple challenges for college or university students given their complexity and the sheer number of aspects that need to be considered and covered, the extensive amount of planning and reflection that goes into these, the imperative need to keep things deeply rooted in reality.

Besides the huge amount of work required, to be able to approach such assignments, students need to know the theory behind project management as well as the meaning of many basic and advanced concepts. This could include knowledge of supply chain management, logistics, project planning standards, production planning, statistics, simulation, linear programming, inventory management, etc.

Students nowadays become busier – many need to work to cover their tuition or to enroll in internships that help to advance their careers. Besides, building a family is also very demanding in terms of effort or time. Time deficit may easily turn one’s world upside down, so, project management assignment services prove real life-saviors that help get back in control of one’s own homework or time.

Project Management Definition and Knowledge Areas Included

Project management is defined as the practice of starting, planning, implementing, controlling, and finalizing a team’s work oriented towards achieving a set of established goals as well as a number of success criteria within a specific time interval. Project management should make it possible to achieve these goals within certain imposed constraints – these are typically time, scope, quality, budget.

Project management assignment help includes a number of key knowledge areas that fall into the five process groups described later in this article but which are also worth considering separately. These knowledge areas are:

  • time management – this ensures everything is scheduled so that the deadline is met.
  • team management – involves managing human resources, leading a team, assigning roles or assignments, monitoring performance of individuals or teams, etc.
  • budget management – deals with the financial costs: planning and monitoring expenses, allocating resources.
  • procurement management – comprises outsourcing all necessary resources (products or services) from third parties.
  • integration management – describes the efforts of coordinating and integrating all project stages.
  • scope management – making sure a project involves only the work needed to achieve the goals set and does not deviate from the latter.
  • quality management – involves formulating quality requirements or goals, monitoring quality, evaluating it using efficient metrics, etc.
  • risk management – performing risk analysis, evaluating and controlling risks during execution.
  • communications management – includes communication activities within the team but also with the outside world, for instance, with contractors. Communication takes many forms, for instance, personal, through reports, information dissemination, etc.
  • stakeholder management – comprises interaction with interested parties during all project phases.

Processes Connected with Project Management

According to the Project Management Institute, there are 47 identifiable processes associated with management, which are grouped into five general process groups that together, define the life-cycle of every project. These process groups are as follows:

Initiation. This is the stage where the project's value (for instance, return on investment) is assessed and demonstrated, along with its feasibility. Feasibility, in turn, is evaluated by defining project goals, time constraints, total cost, type and amount of required resources. At this stage, deliverables are established. other project-related parameters are considered.

Planning. Plans are designed at this stage. This involves organizing the project, making schedules, deciding on specific activities or tasks as well as the succession of these assignments and interdependencies between them, listing required resources including their amount, formulating the budget, making necessary procurements, planning team composition as well as roles or responsibilities within these teams, identifying and analysing involved risks, potential challenges as well as the means of avoiding, addressing, controlling these risks. EduBirdie experts know how to complete any plan to provide the best project management assignment help.

Execution. This is the implementation phase which is normally the most time-consuming of all stages (obviously, this also depends on the project). Here the plan is implemented with great attention. In case certain aspects don’t go as expected, real-time decision making is required, sometimes in an operative, time-efficient manner. Team performance during this stage will determine to a great extent the project’s fate.

Monitoring and controlling. This stage involves watching the project unfold as well as ensuring that it stays within planned boundaries in terms of budget, execution timeline, faced risks, but also that intermediary objectives are achieved, quality of products or processes is maintained, etc. All these require a clear metrics system along with reliable measurement or evaluation instruments. Also, it normally involves reporting to stakeholders or interested parties. Any significant deviation identified during this phase leads to reevaluating the corresponding aspects followed by implementing these newly adjusted schemes.

Closure. This stage involves making sure project goals have been achieved and deliverables are as planned, closing business contracts and administrative matters, assembling final reports or documentation, archiving documentation, disseminating results.

What Help We Provide

Edubirdie writers provide help along all areas of knowledge listed above and covering most processes from all mentioned process groups. This is done with great attention to detail by experts with good knowledge of management and finance concepts, methodologies, framework, etc. These are people who are well informed about new developments, strategies, standards in this field.

Our writers are aware of the most popular project management approaches out there, such as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Pert, Prince2, Kanban, Adaptive Project Framework and are explicitly asked to apply any of these approaches or frameworks to a particular assignment.

Some specific subtopics that are popular among students also include: describing and evaluating project management success criteria, building network diagrams, performing risk management (assessing risk evolution and controlling existing risks), international standards in project management, statements of work, project charters, project life cycle, portfolio management, applications using specialized project management software, etc.

Students receive much more help than this at Edubirdie. As listed on our website, we write speeches, make powerpoint presentations, help with various essays and other assignments referenced according to best academic standards. We help with coursework, with applications documents that involve writing about yourself (your purposes, biography), with various types of letters (including business letters).

Alternatively, if you have sufficient time, a good mastery of the material, and are keen on writing the project yourself but have problems with language use, note that our professionals carefully edit your texts and optimise phrasing and vocabulary to ensure more efficient information flow and to introduce required terminology common in this field.

They adjust the writing style to meet the requirements of formal business language. Last but not least, you can entirely rely on us for an in-depth grammar check and proofreading for any submitted texts. Importantly, each of these services is contracted separately from others, so feel free to decide which aspects of the project feel most frustrating or time-consuming and hand them over to us.

How We Select Our Writers

The quality of any online project management assignment help service is defined by the pool of writers it employs. This aspect outweighs by far dozens of other benefits offered by such online services. However hard it might be to admit for some employers, only a strict selection procedure lead to high-quality services.

Obviously, employees must be trained in many aspects but starting with a pool of proficient, zealous, motivated, disciplined writers is also a must. This is especially relevant when considering such highly-specialized and demanding area like project management but it is equally true for any other help.

Edubirdie took this issue very seriously and implemented a very rigorous multi-stage selection process for hiring candidates. From the total pool of registered applicants, only 63% are pre-selected for the next stage following an evaluation of their writing experience, CV, and any formal demonstrations of their skills.

Next, a 30-minute general English language test is held online which is successfully passed by about 35% of original applicants. Another 30-minute essay writing test is on a randomly assigned topic to directly assess creative writing skills which narrow down the candidate pool to only 10%. These applicants would pass additional verification to confirm their study diplomas and ID documents. About 8% pass this verification.

Only after this, candidates are admitted to writing and even at this stage, their work is closely monitored to ensure that expected quality standards are met, that client instructions are followed exactly, that deadlines are strictly respected, that writer-client interaction is amiable and efficient.

Major Benefits of Our Service

Apart from professional writers, our service offers many other benefits, some of these truly unique among our competitors in Australia and abroad:

  • one of our fairly unique benefits is that we allow our clients to transparently choose their desired academic helpers by reviewing bidding prices, writer ratings, number of projects completed. All these give clients more leverage in balancing expenses against expected quality.
  • we allow client-writer communication. Thus, clients review outlines for assignments, research papers, case studies, etc. and provide instant feedback or ask for corrections. They have a chance to ask for drafts or text samples to assess content, structure, sources, writing style, etc. All these work towards producing results that are fully in tune with client expectations, help avoid revisions, wasted effort, and missed deadlines.
  • we ensure you receive project management assignment help that matches the original instruction. If clients provide clearly formulated detailed instructions and their academic assistants fail to follow them strictly, then clients are free to ask for as many revisions as necessary, all for free, until they consider the original requirements satisfied. Our multiple free revision policy distinguishes us from most competitors, who might allow only one or two revisions.
  • your money investments are always safe. If despite all revisions, writers still fail to achieve set goals, clients will be offered a full refund. Although such situations are rare, we want to minimize all imaginable risks for clients. To further increase client control over their funds, we have implemented a system in which the money deposited for placed orders is only released to writers after clients accept the work as satisfactory.
  • Edubirdie has strict policies in place prohibiting any form of plagiarism among its employees. If such activity is detected, this results in severe penalties or even suspension or firing. Besides relying on our writers’ high morals, we also check every single text with powerful anti-plagiarism software to ensure high content uniqueness.
  • our service follows strict confidentiality policies. Edubirdie clients remain anonymous throughout their interaction with us. Data about placed orders and identity info associated with financial transactions are handled very carefully, just like the transactions themselves.
  • we work 24/7 and this refers both to our customer support and writers. You’ll find writers that are available at any hour of day and night, ready to handle urgent orders. There is a chance to choose a preferred writer or talk to them about help with your future assignments beforehand.

Reviewing all the benefits and features of our assignment help should offer you a fairly accurate impression of our working principles. Abiding by these high standards, we’ve managed to achieve a top position among similar online services. Our popularity alone should be enough to alleviate all major concerns, but ultimately, only after experiencing our service in practice, you could make a final personal conclusion.

Whether you have an urgent order or are just considering the possibility of contracting our service in the future, don’t hesitate to give it a try and remove all doubt. This way, the next time you have an urgent or voluminous task, you’ll be perfectly prepared and confident about handing it over to us.

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