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Plagiarism and security

Quality papers are the key to your academic success. But what is quality? Very often a well-written and researched paper might be considered of bad quality because it doesn’t acknowledge its sources correctly. This may even lead to some serious problems.

Every school, college or university have different standards and expectations about the written assignments, but one thing is common for all of them – they all fight to eradicate any forms of stolen content and have very severe plagiarism penalties (personal, professional and ethical).

Essay Plagiarism Checking

That’s why we take extra steps to ensure there will be absolutely no hint of plagiarism in your paper. This includes:

  • Tools that allow you to watch the writer type your work online. At EduBirdue all the papers are written from scratch – we don’t tolerate even the slightest attempts to rewrite previous works;
  • Instructional seminars and regular tests for our writers on how to cite their sources and format quotations in different styles;
  • 3 kinds of special software the paper goes through before reaching your mailbox;
  • Guaranteed urgent review if you have any suspicion that the parts of your paper are plagiarized;

Not giving credit to the original authors of your materials is highly unethical and it’s our professional commitment to fight plagiarism globally, by starting with ourselves.

When you use our academic writing services, you are always guaranteed high quality, error free, 100% original and confidential papers that meet your requirements.


Data protection is everything in a modern cyber world, huh? Especially when it comes to such a delicate thing as academic writing support. But don’t worry – no one will every find out you have a little essay helper.

ll your data is encrypted and all our staff has signed a very rigorous confidentiality agreement. Moreover, when the writers decide to bid or not to bid on the project, they can see client order history and rating score, but they don’t have access to the client database. So for them, you will remain under the disguise of your created nickname forever and ever. It’s up to you to let it be so.

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