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How to Write a Narrative Essay

When you are given an assignment and asked to write a narrative essay, it is a great opportunity for you to train in telling your story and keeping the reader engaged. Unlike other forms of writing, a narrative essay is more interesting for students. This type of essay allows you to write about a specific event in your life from your own point of view. You have the pleasure of creating a vivid picture for the audience. This article will teach you how to write a narrative essay without request 'type my essay'.

What is a Narrative Essay: Short Story VS Narrative Paper

If you are asking yourself, what is a narrative essay or a short story here is an answer for you. Stories can be told in two different ways. There are short stories and personal narratives. These two should not be confused. They are different in the way that characters are developed and how plots are revealed to audience. In short stories, writer develops the plot and characters while events told in a narrative essay are inspired by real life events although most times they may be altered a little. While writer may abbreviate events of the content, they still endeavor to paint a truthful picture of what happened. Also, with short stories, the author takes different points of view. However, with narratives, point of view is just one, author’s. They write in the first person perspective.

How to write a narrative essay

Writing a personal narrative is therefore easy and straightforward. Here is a guide to follow when writing a personal narrative essay.

Get a topic

When writing a title, remember to create one that is interesting and that allows you to tell a story about an event that matters to you. If you are not involved and interested in the events, the experiences of your audience will also be affected. People will be engaged in reading your audience.

Have a draft

Drafts are great because they allow you to proofread and perfect your work. With a draft, you can easily polish your story by removing the unnecessary details and adding events that bring more meaning into your narrative. This is not just a method for students, it is also used by famous authors.

Find the elements that define your storyline

The elements of a great story include characters, plot and description. These all components work together to make sure that reader understands where you are coming from.  Ensure that your story contains all these three elements and is written with rule of literature in mind.

The point of view

Always make sure that the reader understands your role in the story and why it should be important to them. They should know as many details as possible. It should also explain why you acted the way you did in the story.

Describe the events chronologically

Ensure that you do not contradict the events of your story. You should also not forget to mention some things. Make sure that you learn how to describe everything vividly and learn how to present your thoughts appropriately.

Editing and proofreading

Always make sure that you take time off writing before you proofread your own work. Alternatively, you can choose to hire an essay editor to help remove any grammatical and spelling mistakes from your work. Also, consider using editing tools to help you see the errors you may have missed.

Tips for writing narrative essay

Here are some narrative writing tips you can use:

  • Always make sure you use short simple sentences to keep your essay clear and concise
  • Do not feel the need to describe everything in details
  • Avoid the second person narrative
  • Choose your words carefully
  • References should be kept at a minimal

Structure of narrative essay

This is where you get how to start a narrative essay. Here, you also get ideas for narrative writing.


A narrative essay introduction is where your story begins. It describes characters, setting and should prepare your audience for outcome. It should also have a hook or a thesis. The thesis should tell reader how the information in essay will be organized.


This is where most of the plot is found in every narrative essay structure. It may be organized in different ways but the events should always be chronological. You use transitional sentences to get your points across.


This part should take audience gently back to their own lives. It should also tell reader the point of entire essay and why it should matter to them.

Topics for narrative essay

Here are some of the best narrative writing topics just to give you an idea of what you can write about…


  • The most embarrassing day of my life
  • An experience that taught you real values of life
  • When I learnt how to appreciate what I have
  • The most frightening day of my life
  • The day I fought cowardice and embraced bravery
  • The day I learnt that life is too short to be taken for granted
  • From grace to grass: my story
  • The most memorable day of my families’ lives
  • My favorite summer vacation
  • The day I got my first pet
  • The most disappointing birthday


  • The most vivid dream of my childhood
  • My favorite childhood game
  • The day I go hurt playing with friends; what happened
  • Why I miss my childhood games
  • My favorite childhood fairytale character
  • When I was a child, I wanted to be a …
  • The day I discovered my talent
  • The time I got lost
  • My most exciting moment narrating a play


School years

  • My favorite teacher
  • Why this teacher was and still is my role model
  • My high school best friend
  • My favorite subject
  • The first time I took part in a mass school event
  • A teacher who contributed to the person I am today
  • The most disastrous event in class
  • A weird encounter with a substitute teacher
  • The time I experienced a historical event
  • The time I rebelled against my teachers


  • My first heart break
  • The day I fell in love at first sight
  • How long can one be in love with one person
  • My first rejection
  • The most ridiculous misunderstanding I have ever had
  • The person I fear losing the most
  • The saving loyalty of a friend
  • The nastiest experience I have ever had with my parents
  • The first time away from home
  • The beginning of a beautiful friendship


  • The most difficult decision I have ever had to make
  • A negative example of cowardice
  • Misunderstood love
  • How to treat strangers
  • My eavesdropping experience
  • A morally challenging story
  • The most rebellious act of my life
  • I judged a person wrongly at first then realized I should not judge a book by its cover
  • The time I realized that my parents are always right
  • The most difficult decision I have ever made

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