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Online MBA Assignment Help

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, a graduate degree in business required especially for management and financial positions and usually taking two years of studying. Such courses aggregate knowledge on scientific practices and approaches to management. Typical knowledge pursued involves management of goods, people or operations, marketing, economics, financial instruments and markets, accounting, statistical analysis, principles of negotiation, business communication and leadership, business law, entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, and finance. Students often struggle with the complexity of such subjects and require additional MBA assignment help.

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MBA & its Branches

There are various branches of MBA that typically correspond to different specializations or concentrations that future students choose when commencing their master degree studies. Selecting these specializations usually means that students take advanced business courses in core MBA disciplines but also a number of courses concentrating on respective fields. Some important MBA branches are listed below:

  • Finance & strategic finance
  • Banking, investment banking
  • Accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing & sales
  • International business
  • International marketing
  • Operations management
  • Supply chain management & logistics
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business analytics
  • Public administration
  • Risk management
  • Project leadership

Depending on the specific domains of economy, one could distinguish MBAs in foreign trade, insurance companies, hospitals or other healthcare institutions, telecommunications, information systems, oil and gas industries, electric power industry, pharmaceutical companies, e-business, etc. No matter how difficult or unique your task should be, our experts provide custom MBA assignment help.

Types of MBA Programs

According to the pace, format, and location of teaching, several major MBA programs are distinguished:

Full-time – usually last two academic years, which translates into 18 months of term time separated by a 3 to 4-month summer break. They are intended especially for relatively young students coming immediately from bachelor or that have undemanding part-time jobs, which allow them to freely attend university courses.

Accelerated – more intensive and last around one year. This translates into higher course load, more frequent exams, shorter holidays and breaks between semesters.

Part-time – specifically tailored for people working during regular hours, hence, classes happen in the evenings or on weekends. Given this slower pace, they take 3 years or more to finish.

Executive – tailored towards MBA students with somewhat longer work experience. The audience influences the type of educational content provided. Such courses can even be completed in under 2 years while working full-time, so MBA assignment help is what makes the process easier. There are also full-time versions of executive programs that can allow graduation in a year.

Distance education – intended for those who prefer to study remotely. Nowadays, such courses take full advantage of Internet and media technologies, with well-organized online instruction materials, video classes, webinars, focussed chat rooms, research projects, or other activities. Nevertheless, such courses are also operated via more traditional means, such as email or regular mail. Distance learning may be combined with face-to-face learning as done in blended MBAs.

Modular programs package their classes into intensive sequential blocks of 1-3 weeks taught according to pre-established schedules. This form of teaching might be suitable for people who prefer taking a couple of weeks away from work in order to study intensively. Also, they typically require students to pay for one module at a time, which comes with smaller money investment risks.

Dual programs combine MBAs with other courses helping to cut down on costs and time spent.

Joint executive MBAs – are run by multiple institutions, typically 2-6, which are often part of consortia. As a result, you experience different environments, curricula, teaching styles.

Global executive MBAs are programs that expose students not only to different classroom environments but also to different cultures or countries by teaching in various locations.

What Students Gain from These Courses

MBA programs with an accurate MBA assignment help benefit students or current employees in a number of ways. They help get knowledge and business administration skills in all major areas like finance, accounting, marketing, HR, public relations. You’ll develop or deepen your strategic thinking, research, or analysis skills. All these skills are essential to get a job in this field and acquired critical thinking, leadership, communication are transferable to other professional fields.

Talking about salaries, MBA students worldwide have significantly higher salaries than the average population. Knowledge gained as part of an MBA program helps build your own business or take your current one to a new level. Knowledge about finances and investments helps wisely manage your personal or family funds. This is the kind of knowledge that all people could benefit from given that their future financial wellbeing could be ensured by making smart investment decisions.

Your people management skills or interpersonal communication abilities might improve as a result of leadership training or due to acquiring HR-related knowledge. For instance, you learn about the social aspects of a company, team building principles, how to build motivation in employees.

MBA programs help with professional networking. Participation in these studies exposes you to professors, mentors, invited speakers or guests, all of which are valuable contacts and oftentimes, accomplished professionals – they may become future partners or help you take important career shortcuts with some good advice, suggested contacts, recommendation letters. Your colleagues represent another important group of contacts with whom you might cross paths in the future. MBA programs may also include internships, which allow students to enter the environment of organizations, institutions or companies and build contacts there or even land jobs.

What We Do for Students for Their MBA Assignments

Edubirdie has many writers specializing in MBA assignment help. Their experience of working with students from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, or other parts of Australia makes them very familiar with the curriculum followed by Australian educational institutions as well as with the common types of assignments and the expectations that professors have from these.

Our writing service provides assistance with a great variety of assignments, such as case studies, capstone projects, summaries, abstracts, research papers. Besides, we do business analysis according to popular models/techniques:

  • SWOT– an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which helps focus activities to maximally exploit opportunities while minimizing risks.
  • PESTLE – an analysis of external factors that influence a business or organization: political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental.
  • STEER – an analysis of sociocultural, technological, economic, ecological and regulatory factors.
  • MOST – an internal environment analysis focussing on the mission, objectives, strategies, tactics.
  • CATWOE – customers, actors, transformation process, world view, owner, environmental constraints.

Besides, you may hire our experts to create organizational charts, product roadmaps, process flow diagrams, to perform business planning, budget planning, market research, financial analysis, technical analysis, risk analysis, to assemble a wide variety of business reports: informative, fact-finding, interpretative, problem-solving, performance reports.

Topics We Cover

Finance: financial markets, banking, rules and principles of investment, managing investment portfolios, valuation models, financial forecasting, financial accountability.

Accounting: financial reporting, understanding, calculating, and planning taxes, financial and cost accounting, managerial accounting, accounting in acquisitions and mergers, auditing.

HR: staffing, labour relations, managing compensation and rewards, employment law, leadership rules and skills, training and development, managerial communication, managing interpersonal and group processes, strategic HRM.

Marketing: marketing research, marketing decisions and strategies, consumer behaviour, advertising and promotions, marketing laws, digital marketing, retail marketing, service marketing, customer relationship management, corporate communication, brand strategies, marketing audit.

Benefits of Our Service

Services offered by our online academic platform carry a unique combination of benefits, some of which are rarely offered by competing platforms:

  • Control in choosing your preferred academic writer. After making an order, several writers will bid for it – clients review information about the bidders, such as the price, statistics describing previous performance on our platform and decide personally which writer suits more for each assignment.
  • Unlimited revisions & full refunds. If order instructions have not been followed exactly, you may demand as many revisions as necessary to fix the problem with your assignment – all these revisions are offered for free. In case revisions fail, there is a money back.
  • Communicate with your writer. You can monitor in real-time the direction in which their project evolves, ask for drafts, outlines, text samples, lists of sources used. In turn, writers provide helpful feedback to channel efforts in the required direction as the project progresses rather than upon its completion. Consequently, both writers and clients can save time and avoid unpleasant situations, especially when deadlines are pressing.
  • Competitive pricing scheme – this is partly ensured by the fact that our academic experts compete with each other through bidding. If certain writers demand exaggerated, unrealistic prices for an assignment, they are outcompeted by other bidders.
  • Strict policies preventing plagiarism – our writers are informed about the demotivating penalties associated with it. Nevertheless, we additionally verify every submitted paper for uniqueness with specialized anti-plagiarism tools. This helps avoid potential accidental instances of plagiarism.
  • 24/7 academic assistance & customer support – you’ll find writers online at any hour, which makes our service suitable for urgent assignments too.

Whether you need to write an essay, assemble a report, or fulfil any other MBA assignment help, Edubirdie will assist with virtually any task. Moreover, we offer integrated academic and services – you can submit your text for editing to adjust content, language, writing style, vocabulary or for proofreading to fix grammar issues.

Given the unique benefits explained above, such as guaranteed satisfactory results or a refund, there is little to no risk when placing an order and making a deposit. Our transparency in selecting writers and communicating with them should also lead to a smooth interaction experience. Leave doubts aside and simply give it a try.

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