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Have you ever considered the ways that can simplify essay creating? Scholarly writing process includes the following stages: research conducting, drafting the initial text, polishing an essay, proofreading, and editing. One of the most important parts of writing is formatting and quoting. Usually, students confuse citation styles and formats as there are a lot of differences among them.

When assigned to format a paper in a particular citation style consult a referencing guide written by an association or council that has established it. Another tip is to use a special program, a citation generator, to format your assignment in a proper way.

The most popular formats are MLA, APA, Chicago, and Harvard generator. They are commonly used by most colleges and universities for formatting the academic papers. Less popular are CSE, ACS, AAA, etc. Below is an overview of the CSE format that can help you understand clearly the style’s peculiarities.

CSE is a shortened form for the Council of Science Editors which is also recognized as the Council of Biology Editors. CSE system provides 3 types of documentation editing. CSE has a reference list that is located after the written paper and the quotations within the text.

Documentation Types CSE Citation Maker Offers


Documents sources are arranged in an alphabetical order by the writer’s last name that is specified in the list of references. To provide the source directly in the essay you must use a matching record from a list. Look at the following example:

The firm was established in 1957 by the Italian Science Foundation1 being renamed the Council of Science, with a more outstanding mission, in 2000.2,3

The numbers in the text refer to the corresponding information sources numbered first, second, and third in the works cited.


This type is opposite to the Citation-Name formatting. Here you have to compose your bibliography list in relation to the sequence in which you give the sources in the text. Below is a CSE citing sequence example:

Today’s scientific nomenclature began with Linnaeus 1, but other disciplines 2,3 were not many years behind in developing symbolization.

Here, 1, 2, 3 mean that they are related to the first, second, and third book sources specified in the text.


This type is the most clear because here you should specify author’s last name and the publication year when referring to the book, for example:

The NIH has called for a change in the smallpox vaccination policy (Fauci 2012).

If you face any troubles when editing your essay feel free to use CSE citation machine. It is clear and easy to provide the evidence to your arguments and sentences in the correct way. Also, check out our Plagiarism Checker!