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Online Chemistry Assignment Help

Chemistry is the scientific discipline that studies what substances around us are composed of, as well as their chemical properties. The focus here is on studying their composition, structure, and characteristics. Behaviour of these substances and their elementary particles: ions, atoms, molecules. Below, we delve deeper into the diverse branches of this discipline, common topics encountered by college or university students, and kinds of chemistry assignment help that our academic assistance service offers.

Branches of Chemistry & Basic Principles

There is a number of clearly distinguishable branches in chemistry:

  • Inorganic chemistry studies inorganic compounds that normally lack carbon-hydrogen bonds. They are way more abundant in the universe or on Earth, compared to organic ones.
  • Organic chemistry deals with organic compounds which contain carbon. A more precise definition is the following: compounds with one or multiple carbon atoms that are covalently linked to atoms of other elements, most frequently hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus.
  • Physical chemistry focuses on the physical processes underlying or explaining chemical processes. Importantly, this branch of science focuses predominantly on macroscopic and supra-molecular systems or processes, for instance, on colloids, equilibrium, thermodynamics, phase changes, laws, intermolecular forces determining plasticity, surface tension, hydrophobicity.
  • Analytical chemistry focuses predominantly on systematic experimental methods or strategies to investigate the substance composition and structure of various material samples. Obviously, this is a highly important goal in empiric chemistry.
  • Materials chemistry, also known as materials science, concentrates on creating and studying substances with useful properties such as hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity, biocompatibility, efficient light reflection and absorption, durability despite very low density, electrical conductibility, thermal insulation.
  • Biochemistry is the study of substances and processes occurring in living organisms. It is closely associated with such fields: genetics and molecular biology. For instance, when talking about certain biochemical substances, it makes sense to offer information about their molecular or cellular functions, enzymes that synthesize them and break them down, genes encoding these enzymes, potential mutations.
  • Theoretical chemistry approaches chemical phenomena mainly through theoretical physics methods. It applies mathematical or physical methods, computational models to explain the structure and dynamics of chemical systems.

Like in any other discipline, there are some basic principles in chemistry on which more complex concepts rely. Such basic concepts and principles include: definitions and distinctions between such concepts as matter, elements, states of matter (gases, liquids, solids, plasma) and transitions between these states, atomic structure models, atomic mass, electric charges, cations, anions, ground states, metals, non-metals, molecular substances, distinctions between chemical or physical changes, equations, the scientific method, periodicity, laws of mass, energy conservation, distinctions between solutions and mixtures, solubility rules, measurement units definitions, standard conditions, ideal gases as opposed to real gases.

How We Help with Chemistry Assignments

Our professionals provide virtually any chemistry help one can imagine on commonly encountered university or college assignments. Most frequently, these require proper application of chemical nomenclature, equations between provided elements, balancing equations, for instance, step by step balancing of redox equations, various calculations based on reactions using such parameters as quantity of substance, molar mass, solution concentration, and many other tasks.

Another type of assignments we frequently encounter is represented by lab reports. Our experts are familiar with most experiments performed in Australian lab classes, especially with the topics involved, hence, they have good knowledge of how to structure such reports, how to describe the goals, objectives, conclusions as well as the methods, results, and discussion sections, how to efficiently present data in tables or charts. Each professor has peculiar preferences, that should be mentioned in the instructions, so that our writers take them into consideration.

Besides such assignments, we help write an essay, research paper, or capstone project for online courses – writing such papers is the main activity of our service. These could be on the industrial synthesis of a certain chemical, on innovations in a certain field, on a certain group of chemicals.

Chemistry Topics We Cover

Below is only a basic selection of assignment topics and exercises on which we provide chemistry assignment help or academic assistance:

Atomic structure – this includes working with the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons, isotopes, the electronic configuration, Lewis electron dot structure, shapes of atomic orbitals.

Chemical bonds & derived compounds - ionic bonds, covalent bonds involving carbon, hydrogen bonds, van der Waals forces. This topic is related to concepts - oxidation numbers, electronegativity.

Oxidation-reduction reactions. These are reactions in which electrons are donated or accepted leading to a change in oxidation numbers.

Balancing chemical equations (stoichiometry) – this knowledge is especially important for any calculations or quantitative experiments based on them.

Acids, bases – neutralization reactions between acids and bases represent an important chapter in chemistry with a number of derived topics such as pH, titration, buffers, Lewis model.

Periodic table – this table reflects not only a periodic pattern in atomic structure but also in chemical properties of elements, which justifies its high utility in understanding and predicting chemical elements properties.

Thermodynamics processes involving entropy, enthalpy, Gibbs free energy, energy diagrams, calorimetry, endothermic or exothermic reactions.

Groups & subgroups of elements: metals with subgroups like alkaline or transition metals, acids, bases, oxides, salts, alkanes, aldehydes, alcohols, sugars, organic acids, polymers,. Obviously, each has corresponding chemical properties.

Exercises on determining molecular formulas from empirical formulas and additional data, such as titration data, molecular weight.

Unit conversions exercises – most calculations involve working with different measurement units. Performing correct conversions is essential to obtain correct results.

Chemical nomenclature rules – given the importance of correctly naming compounds, exercises on this topic are fairly frequent. This could include naming, various groups of acids, salts, alcohols, polymers, stereoisomers.

Analytical chemistry exercises for identifying elements, ions, or compounds through a diversity of methods, for instance, by analyzing properties, flame color helps identify ions, absorption spectra.

Benefits of Our Service

When compared to other services, Edubirdie provides solid benefits to all the clients who seek chemistry assignment help, some of which are fairly unique or rarely met among the competition:

  • We employ only top writers following a multiple-stage selection process. Only about 8% of the writers make it through language and writing exams, identity or study certificate verification. Even after this, their performance is continuously monitored. All this leads to a professional pool of employees that value discipline and follow high-quality standards.
  • Money deposited by clients for any ordered project are intact while writers are working. Only after clients receive final results and confirm their satisfaction, the money is released to the writer.
  • All your financial transactions along with financial data are safe – we use safe protocols, highly secure methods and tools to process information related to these.
  • We guarantee full confidentiality in regards to provided services – confidentiality is a central value, so, we adopt all safety measures and procedures to avoid exposing client identity or any evidence of collaboration with us.
  • 24/7 academic assistance. Our customer support is always active, while the number of writers varies from day to night, but there will always be experts available online.
  • We have an iOS app that enhances the accessibility of our service and which can greatly simplify uploading instructions in certain circumstances.

Whether you need chemistry help or write a custom essay to fix your grades, Edubirdie is one of the best platforms for this both in Australia and internationally – it is not an accident that it is listed among the top positions by search engines. We invested significant effort into making sure clients receive quality papers while having mechanisms that guarantee positive outcomes but also that they benefit from maximum transparency and control throughout the process. We did our best to minimize all risks related to funds deposited or managed by clients. Given the high probability of obtaining expected results with minimal risks involved, contracting our services is a smart solution.

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