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Vancouver Referencing: All You Need to Know about It

23 Apr 2018

There are a lot of formats which one can use to write references. Before you start to write your work, you should verify the required format of references. It is important to note everything corresponding to the criteria provided by your professor or department. If you do not apply those rules, you will lose points of your final mark.

It would be necessary to remark that while you start writing an assignment, you need to make notes of the indispensable data that you find. Those details will be crucial in providing correct references. Moreover, you will be able to find that information again if need be. In order to write your essay properly, it is recommended to apply the Vancouver referencing style. This style uses numerical approach.

Format of Citations

Every cited sentence or paragraph in the paper is to have a unique number.

If in the paper you should cite one piece of work several times, you are to use the same number. It is written like superscript or in brackets.

If you need to cite several pieces of work, the citation number for each one should be provided. You should write a hyphen for sequential numbers as well as a comma for non-consecutive numbers. You may also write the author’s name in your research paper, nonetheless, the number of quotation must also be inserted.

If you need to cite author’s name in your paper and in a case there is more than one author, use ‘еt аl.’ after the first one.

While citing a new sentence written by the same author and in the same year as your previous citation, include another number for this citation.

Sometimes it is necessary to include a quotation which does not belong to an evident author. It can be a quotation written by company or organization. With Vancouver referencing style, it is not obligatory to include the author’s name into the citation. Thus, you may write it in the reference list which you include at the end of the written work.

When you need to cite from a book which includes chapters written by various authors, you just need to cite an appropriate one of the cited chapter. If the author cites another one, you must mention both references.

For citations of multimedia work, do not forget to write the title of the video or the film as well as its author. While citing a video from YouTube, referencing to a person who uploaded the video is crucial. Due to the Vancouver style, it is not necessary to write the author’s name in the text of your assignment, but you should include it in your references list.

Reference List in Vancouver Style

The reference list is a listing of sources which you cited in your paper. It is one list which includes used books, journals, newspapers, etc. Here are some tips on how to write it using Vancouver referencing style:

  • It should be in numerical order. The numbers should match and refer to those written in your paper.
  • Always insert the list at the end of the paper.
  • It is necessary to follow appropriate format to write references for books, articles, journals, etc.

The Vancouver Style for In-Text Citation

Any images, photographs, figures, tables, illustrations or pictures which you would like to include in your work should contain an in-text citation. In this case, they must be treated as direct citations, the author’s name should be written, and the number of pages must be shown. The numbers should be as in the text or as in the caption.

Some Examples

If you write several citations at the same time, below there is an example in which references 1, 2, 3, 4 and 12 were cited in the same place:

  • Several studies (1-4, 12) showed that this required to cut public spending, and especially spending that had to do with the welfare state.
  • Here is an example of how to cite author’s name:
  • According to M. Thatcher (2) “People should rely on their own efforts, not on government allowances” (p.4).

In-text citation for a table:

  • The table illustrates information for annual sources (6: p.31)
  • An example from reference list:
  • Baker PN, editor. Obstetrics by ten teachers. 18th ed. London: Hodder Arnold; 2006.

Apply Vancouver referencing style to your research paper. As it follows the rules which are required by the team of international editors, you may be sure that this reference format is correct.

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