How To Pick Topics For Case Studies

21 Mar 2017

A case study can be a challenging task for students, an assignment that is neither simple nor easy. Getting a top score on them can be tricky.

Nowadays, a student is normally bound to different activities and many other commitments; it’s not just their project work. Managing everything can be a tad overwhelming.

Burdened with many responsibilities, it is quite normal for a student to be stressed out about their assignments. The validity of the subject matter studied depends on the case study itself, as it must provide proper access to information and maintain a diverse mix of it with examples that support the education.

Different scholars across the globe prefer different approaches to a case study; some believe that when multiple cases are studied, it offers a good understanding of the subject. While some scholars even choose to construct their case studies on a few robust cases that they feel stand out.

Either way, this article aims to provide a few tips for a smoother writing process.

Picking The Ideal Topic

Choosing the ideal topic is, arguably, the most important factor when it comes to the future quality it. While beginning work on the project, one faces two options – (1) going forward with the topic professor provides you with and (2) to select the subject matter personally.

As it can be very hard for a student to assess a topic beforehand, and whether it has the potential of turning into a good case study, one relies on the professor to provide one.

Either way, with a little bit of research, any student can be in a good position to pick an interesting topic.

Look at a few points you should consider while making a choice.


The very first step for a student is to understand the nature and the purpose of the case study. Before you start, you should check for several elements before deciding on a topic. It is expected to demonstrate the state and condition of the situation that is being studied.

While choosing a project, you should make sure that there are enough arguments to demonstrate and to write about.


It is also vital to consider the audience. A topic can be interesting to a group of people while boring to a different group. Thus, it is very important to consider the audience while choosing the topic.


How long is your project supposed to be, regarding word count? Projects for different purposes have different lengths. The scope of the subject matter directly influences the length.

Consult with your professor before settling down on a number.


A student suffers from a topic he or she cannot handle. Though some studies are complex throughout, it is comparatively easy for students who have knowledge of the subject.

The complexity depends more on the selection of the right topic than the details it contains.

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