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How to Write a Coursework

28 Mar 2017

Many people consider writing coursework a daunting task in comparison to procrastination. Sure thing, it beats having to sit in class and work under a strict time constraint. However, most students do not possess the discipline necessary to knock out coursework in increments. 

They tend to wait until the very last minute, and this has happened to most of us.

Goal Of This Article

This article will give you a few necessary tips to stay ahead of the curve and to never worry about completing a coursework again.

Treat this as your favorite “how to” guide. It will cover the steps and mindset necessary to write and turn in great coursework!

What Does Coursework Entail?

Generally, coursework requires students to write an essay or to complete a long-term project. Achieving a successful result starts with your mindset. You must imagine yourself as having already finished the coursework.

Don’t fill yourself with worry about getting it done, and keep a positive attitude about it.

When students begin worrying, they tend to put it off, and before they know it, the pressure of the approaching deadline is already felt.

Few Steps To Alleviate The Situation

First, you need to engage in planning. Allocate specific time frames to writing. This will allow you to focus your attention to where it needs to go. Break your primary goal down into smaller parts. Set your own deadlines and commit to finishing the work required within that period. Feel free to book an appointment with your professor to discuss the possible schedule to get it done.

Next, you need to do some thorough research. Choose a topic you are passionate about. People tend to excel at things that interest them, so make it a point to find a suitable topic. Choose a topic with a lot of, preferably, academic articles about it. Encountering a scarcity of proper sources can prove discouraging.

You can pick journals, books, websites and more (discuss with your teacher).

Develop a clear and strong hypothesis that will serve as a guide that keeps you on track.

Once you follow the steps from above, the writing will come much more easily. Include powerful images that support your arguments. You should also consider the use of graphs and charts because those are even more concrete than words.

Think of other ways or forms data that support your claims (conducting a survey) and put them in.


It remains imperative that you do not plagiarize because you run the risk of failing. Instead, let the use of quotes work into your favor. Remember to give official credit following the quote and in your bibliography. Familiarize yourself with the most common citing formats - MLA and APA.

There are free citation generators online, and those will make your life even easier.

Once you have finished your first draft, proofread it (or have someone else do it). Keep track of the word count and that formatting remains consistent throughout.

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