How To Write a Speech?

26 Jan 2017

Need a speech which can make the audience to choose you for the presidency after they listen to it (even if you just wanted to congratulate your grandma with her Jubilee on her birthday party)? Make it short, make it emotional, fill it with sense and put a spark of fire from your heart into it. 

How to Prepare Yourself?

Preparing for talking in front of the public can become a torture, as well as a prospect of presenting it in front of the public can lead to insomnia. It can all turn out to be doom and gloom for one, who have already allowed fear to enter his guts.
To put an end to endless fears and make an outstanding speech it should be well prepared. If you articulate every word of what you are saying in front of the mirror before you present it to the public – you will definitely have success. 

Your Audience

Always think about who your audience will be. Every word you are saying should be targeted to some living individual. Before starting writing your speech, try to personify your audience. Imagine it is one person, think of what interests and background knowledge this person can have. 

Having such a picture in your mind will help you to avoid unnecessary gaudy phraseologies,  irrelevant information, words, that can be different from the vocabulary of your audience. Avoid oversimplification as well. Nobody likes to feel that they are treated like nine-year-old children. 

How to Make Your Words Full of Sense?

If you need to prepare your speech and don`t know what to write in your notes, find somebody who will be eager to listen to you. Or escape to some lonely place where you can talk to yourself. 
That is the usual way how best speeches were conceived.

Oliver Sacks, a famous British neurologist, once wrote: "We speak not only to tell other people what we think but to tell ourselves what we think. Speech is a part of thought." 

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