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25 Jan 2017

A research proposal is a preamble written with an aim to explain what your work is about. A success of a study depends on the quality of your introductory paper. It is a crucial part of academic work. An ill-conceived proposal can jeopardize it as well as it can finish your future reputation of a scholar and bring volumes and years of your work to nothing. 

A research proposal is a paper which is created by the writer with an aim to justify and to present the value of your work. It is a compulsory work which is written to show the ways in which the proposed study should be implemented.

How to compile this type of paper

It is necessary that the assignment should have the following parts:

  • Title

A title is a sense of work compressed into a couple of phrases. It should be catchy, as well as it should be conspicuous to a reader. 

  • Abstract

Putting an abstract to college paper is essential. It is a brief summary of 200 to 300 words which include the question, hypothesis, methods of study conduct, its rationale, and primary discoveries. 

  • Introduction

The main reason an introduction is written for is to show the background necessary to explain a problem of your study. It is a frame which can give its reader an understanding of the general context of your study area and its significance.

  • Literature Review

If you want your work to have a scientific value, don`t forget to include a literature review. It is a section which provides a reader with a decent review of the literature you used. 

  • Methods 

While doing research, you need to implement certain scientific methods. It is an indispensable part and will be certainly reviewed by the committee of your academic institution. 

  • Results

A proposal paper is an introductory component of your work and you can`t present the results in it. It should provide a general knowledge of which data will be collected during the study. 

  • Discussion

This part is essential to convince your reader of the importance and influence your research can bring. In a discussion part, an author gives a general sense and merits of your work. 

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