What is Reflective Essay?

29 Aug 2017

Reflective writing is an analytical piece of writing, the main task of which is to present facts and events in succession to set general overview of experience. 


Generally, the writer discusses causes and effects that played a significant role in the certain remarkable event, which happened to not only to change but also to affect the way of his/her life. Reflective essays usually contain the personal and subjective opinion of the author. 

What experiences should be depicted?

If you haven’t experienced a great deal of adventures or incidents, don’t worry: your paper still can be outstanding! Just examine your diary and remind yourself of notable events in your life: it can be even acquaintance with your BFF or moving away from your parents’ house. Children are becoming adults. Think over your adulting and you will find key events that determine your formation as a personality. 

How to start

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Although the beginnings are always difficult, here you should simply start with gathering and thinking over your experience. Making a list of things that affected you the most would be a very good idea. Then, you are to make connections with those things and beliefs values attitudes you had throughout described period of your life. Determine for yourself whether they affected you in wrong way or a good one. Then, you can begin writing using phrases like: “Two years ago I experienced…” or “Last summer was rich in experiences for me…”.  Or you can ask Edubirdie reflective essay writing service to help you with this assignments.


Any academic writing has a particular structure. The strong reflective essay’s body paragraphs are:

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  • Introduction body, where writer gives a brief outline of reflection - place, time, mood andor his/her feelings at a certain period.  
  • The main body represents how certain things caused a change in the writer’s life. Make a compelling thesis and provide a detailed depiction of adventures, you were dragged in or was the reason for ones. Here you have to explain your critical attitudes and assumptions to the incident and describe your deep understanding of the issue. Also give examples to maintain the story. If you were a negative person and took positive path after what had occurred, you can also share the change process. 
  • Conclusions part has to summarize all the important lessons you’ve learned. Don’t make a long lecture here about life-choices and so on, but present solid conclusion that explains what things exactly have altered in your personality.

How to end

While reading your written essay, the teacher should emphasize you and experience your emotions. To make his/her feel like that, you have to provide an inspiring ending. Your story is to becoming more optimistic in the end, presenting substantial evidence that things happened to you affected you positively. Point new features that reflect your personality after alteration and make a suggestion how your life might look like without depicted changes. 

Make sure, that you know about annotated bibliography too.

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