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15 May 2019

An introduction is a necessary component of every good essay. No matter whether you are comparing short stories for your English class, conducting analysis, presenting research results, writing a description, or arguing a position, you should always start by introducing your topic and major intentions for an essay. Although introduction is just a small written assignment part, which often takes no more than 10-15 percent of general word count, its role is tremendous, your tutor definitely expects to see a strong introduction while reading your paper. So, if you are looking for guidelines on how to write an introduction for an assignment, you’re in the right place. We not only explain what introduction is and which typical parts it contains, but also outline important writing tips, provide an example of introduction for assignment.

Major Role & Importance

Introduction’s role is just what it is meant to be, given its name. It introduces topics, explain writing aim. They present relevant background information, outline content structure that follows in body paragraphs, contain thesis statements. Introduction provides foundation on which logical structure of the whole essay stands. Upon reading it, readers should not only understand what the discussed topic is, but also comprehend writer’s major argument or position on this topic. Thesis, which usually closes an introductory paragraph, should also provide several reasons writer has for holding a particular view. Overall, it is very brief, laconic component of one’s essay, which presents the topic and explains the content, discussion logic that follows.

Assignment Introduction Typical Parts

So, how to write an introduction for an assignment? Naturally, longer essays have longer and more detailed introductions. Among its typical parts, one can find the following:

  • A hook (also known as lead) – some interesting or intriguing information that captures attention, provokes interest; chosen hooks should be related to topics of discussion.
  • Background information – if paper length allows, demonstrate details that readers should know about chosen topic; here, writers can include some relevant definitions, necessary for understanding of discussions that follow.
  • Topic – readers should clearly understand what the topic is, so introduce it; writers should orient chosen topic towards their assignment thesis.
  • Purpose of writing –purpose of writing should be clearly explained as well; this factor can impact thesis statement form.
  • Thesis statement – remember that comparison or contrast essays thesis is very different from thesis statements of research papers; therefore, consider your assignment when elaborating it.
  • Outline major points – briefly introduce major premises that validate assignment thesis statement that will be presented in paper in the order they are discussed in the body paragraphs.

In contrast, shorter essays have very brief introductions, limited to hook, purpose clarification, and thesis. For instance, 500-word essays first paragraphs often contain only about 50-75 words. Naturally, this number does not suggest students include background information. On the other hand, introductions to long 10-page research papers contain up to several paragraphs and 300-450 words correspondingly. This number of words is enough for students to not only introduce their topics and provide outline for their research, but also build their cases, provide definitions if necessary, and explain the relevance and their findings significance or claims in the context of possible impact on the researched aspect.

Writing Tips from EduBirdie Writers

How to start an assignment? When drafting your essay, start with an assignment introduction and develop working assignment thesis, but remember that it requires significant proofreading. After the rest of the content is done, it may be necessary to re-write whole assignment introduction from scratch. In case you do so, remember that many successful writers compose their first paragraphs in the very last turn. Still, when composing your draft, consider the following tips and writing steps:

Think about a hook that effectively draw readers’ attention to your topic. Here are some techniques you may use. Depending on topic and writing level, use quote, relevant proverb, or saying. In some cases, brief descriptions, statistical data, or bold opinions turn out to be a better choice though. Sometimes students start their essays by citing an unusual fact or asking question. When choosing among techniques, outline particular aspect that you personally find most appealing about your topic. Listen to your gut and use this aspect to make your readers as interested as you are.

Clarify your purpose – students should explain their intentions for writing. For instance, when tutors ask students analyze a research article, they expect to see this assigned article’s title in the assignment introduction. Similarly, when asked to compare two short stories, students should mention their titles and comparison points in their introductions.

Develop a working thesis statement that outlines both your position and several reasons for holding it. Make sure your reasons are presented in the order they will be discussed in the body paragraphs. When composing assignment thesis, consider the writing purpose. Different essay types require different thesis statements.

Keep your introduction brief – sometimes students may experience temptation to write lengthy assignment introduction that explains how they arrived at a particular idea in great detail. Instead of doing so, begin by presenting information that is up to the point.

Use quotes from credible sources – if your assignment introduction is long enough, it may be sound to include quote. Don’t make unnecessary generalizations. Remember that brief quote from credible source is always better than big but unsupported generalization. Also, if you should include definitions, it is better to cite experts rather than dictionaries.

Assignment Introduction Example for Students

Here is an example of an introduction for short 500-word essay that aims at explaining why teachers need curriculum plans.

Lesson plan is limited to single lesson written description of the process of education, in which each of the lesson stages is explained in detail. [brief description is used as hook] It is a major component of an educational strategy, without which effective transfer of knowledge from teacher to students is hardly achievable. [presentation of topic and purpose (making an argument)] Teachers should have a lesson plan [position], because it promotes effective learning of students [reason 1], enables efficient classroom management [reason 2], and is a good framework for formative assessments [reason 3]. [thesis statement that presents position and three reasons validating it; each of the reasons will be discussed in separate body paragraph in an order that is outlined in this thesis statement].

Here is another example of introduction for an assignment aimed at examining the overcrowding topic and lack of affordable housing in Australian cities.

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Sydney and Melbourne face a serious housing crisis. [bold opinion is used as a hook] In accordance with estimations, in 2011, more than 41,000 Australians lived in severely overcrowded dwellings. [statistic] Authorities recognize overcrowding issue, but they cannot reach agreement on measures that may improve affordable housing supply. [expanding on the topic, providing relevant background information]. While some commentators require governments to unlock potential for more intensive established suburbs development, others argue in favor of policy changes and dedicated national programs development. [thesis statement]

Write Your Introduction or Choose a Writer Who Will Do This for You

Did you find the information presented in this article helpful? Now, when you know what introduction is and how to compose it, go ahead and start writing your assignment. Elaborate a strong thesis statement along with finding some interesting hook!

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