Dissertation Introduction Guide

03 Mar 2017

The dissertation is, actually, a crunch of all your study and research. Before writing the dissertation, you must do preparation researching the topic under discussion. 
Unlike many other writings, it is not a description of your contents. It requires your great attentions and utilization of techniques and skills.

In writing the dissertation introduction, you will have to outline the hypothesis (main question) and give reasons why it is worthwhile to contribute the existing body of research. It is also valuable to mention some main results of your research. 

Here are the guidelines for writing the dissertation introduction. It is made clear to you by dividing the introduction into its parts. 

The Abstract 

Writing abstract is, in fact, an assessment of your abridgment skills. The words in abstract are, usually, limited to 200, but it varies from tutor to tutor’s requirements. Anyway, come to the point what you have to write in the abstract. However, the abstract is an essence of your research and all collected data.

This takes a long time in spite the fact that it is the shortest part of the dissertation. It needs keen attention and concentration as your complete dissertation depends upon it, so it is highly recommended you prepare a draft before its finalization. 

Research Background

It is essential to start by giving the background especially when your topic is covering two or more fields. It helps you to clarify that you have fully comprehended the topic. In some cases, this section may not be mandatory. In such cases, you should mention your objective and goals to do research clearly along with the reason for choosing the topic, but not choosing the research methodology. It is highly recommended you; make this section clear and concise, don’t beat about the bushes.

Title Explanation

Next, what to do is to explain the title. Be careful! It is divided into two parts separated by a colon. You are required to explain the part of the title after a colon. 

Research Question(s)

In next step, state the research question which you are going to prove or disprove


An addition of exclusion makes the structure of your dissertation introduction ideal and perfect

Dissertation Format 

It is compulsory to portray the format, outlining and chapter to chapter illustration making it coherent. It is top-notch part to clearly map out the sections, but it is, totally, your choice; you can skip this point. 
Finally, you have completed all the steps that are essential for good dissertation introduction.

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  • Your opening sentence must be catchy and unique as it is the key to holding the interest and concentration of your reader. 
  • Don’t mention the points which you cannot deliver or elaborate later.
  • Don’t overload your introduction by mentioning each and every point. Just mention the outlines of your broad work.
  • Use simple and straightforward language. Don’t use jargon and slang. 
  • Address myriads of objectives and key aims.
  • Your introduction must be reader-friendly. Don’t make your contents ambiguous.
  • Explain the structure and approach of your work briefly and concisely. 
  • Don’t deal with history in the introduction.
  • And don’t forget to explain to the reader what he expects in the forthcoming sections. 

Here are the guidelines for writing the good dissertation introduction.

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