What is a critical essay?
It is a piece of academic writing in which a book or an article is analyzed, interpreted and evaluated. “Critical” in this case does not mean you necessarily disagree with an author or find mistakes. In fact, even if there are some negative aspects that drew your attention, at first, you should mention the advantages of the work under consideration.

What should you do for this kind of assignment?

  • define the author’s position on the topic of the book or article
  • express your opinion on the author’s position, argumentation line, and writing style
  • evaluate the innovations, originality, and relevance of the research article or the book

What are its peculiarities?

One of the common mistakes of the majority of students is to confuse critical writing with descriptive writing. They set the background instead of developing the argument and demonstrating their opinion. So, be careful and don’t write a summary instead of a critique. On the other hand, the expository and argumentative essays involve the similar activity, but they differ by the increased research of the literature on the topic, while for the critical essay one particular source is usually required.

This kind of assignments educational purpose is to help college and university students to improve their analytic skills essential for the academic career and to try out being their field experts. 

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