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Compare and Contrast Essay

29 Dec 2016Writing Guide

What Is the Compare and Contrast Essay?
This kind of assignment provides an analysis of the similarities and differences of at least two objects, situations, theories, people, books, etc. Important thing is to use a comparison as a method to investigate the items under consideration and discover new aspects and nuances of them. Also, you need to work out understandable and reasonable criteria of comparison and analyze the meaningful features of the given objects.

Be sure not to go in redundant details, which are obvious and add nothing new to our knowledge of the subject.

For example, if you are comparing two domestic animals, you shouldn’t necessarily mention that each of them has two ears and two eyes and is a mammal.

What Peculiarities Does It Have?

contrast and compare essay

When you write most of the assignments, you have to investigate one subject. To hand over a compare and contrast essay of high quality in college or at school you should carefully study both (or, sometimes, more than two) subjects and list all their fundamental qualities, often take into account their history and possible consequences and effects. This type of work can be organized in two ways:
1. By criteria, consistently listing the traits of each of subjects according to certain criterion
2. By the subjects, showing all the traits of each of the things under consideration. In the latter case, usually the similarities go first, and the differences afterward.

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