How to write a creative essay?

13 Jan 2017

Every student is often required to compose a creative writing essay, no matter what that student study. Be it History, Law, or Literature, every term, you will still have to write dozens of papers including the creative ones. Thus, there occurs a need to master the ways of how to write a creative essay. Many students, especially those who don’t seem to have sufficient skills, overestimate the difficulty of writing. There are many articles about the problem that don’t give any answers. That is why we’ve decided to break down the issue and give you several useful tips to make this seemingly overwhelming process easier.

What is a creative essay?

To begin with, it is worth defining such kind of work as a creative essay. Generally speaking, this type of paper is a nonfiction work that covers an important topic and demonstrates the author’s opinion. Creative essays are designed your ability to express your opinion on a particular issue. As a result, your paper should be dedicated to a fascinating topic, have an eye-catching title, be well-structured and flawless in terms of grammar and style.

How to Write a Creative Essay

What can you cover in a creative essay?

From the above, it is quite understandable that a successful essay will require not only your dedication but also a great topic and a proper title to it. Here’s a list of creative essay topics that you could dwell on:

  1. Being a superhero. Great power breeds great responsibility.
  2. Taking part in a human interstellar mission. What would you take with you?
  3. What if winter lasted 10 years? A survival guide.
  4. How would you spend a million?
  5. Waking up as a celebrity, what would it be like?
  6. Meeting a time-traveler, what would you ask them?
  7. Being invincible vs being able to read other people’s minds. What would you choose and why?
  8. Have you managed to become a better person? What should you improve on?
  9. First meeting with an alien race. What would it be like?
  10. Which deathly hallow from the Harry Potter universe would you choose and why?
  11. Have your childhood dreams come true? Why or why not?
  12. The most fascinating memory you have.
  13. What would you change if you became a president of your country?
  14. Is there any good in being immortal?
  15. If you could meet and talk to three persons from the past, who would you choose?

The list of creative essay ideas above is only an example. As you can see, you can talk about pretty much anything as far as the topic is intriguing enough. If you have already chosen an issue to discuss, but do not know where to start, below are several tips for you to make use of.

Already decided on a topic? This is how you should start

To start something is always the most difficult part of any process. Creative writing is not an exception. So, what you should do once you’ve decided on the topic of your creative essay is to brainstorm the ideas. If nothing comes to your mind, do research, look for examples or something you could make use of. Create an outline. Remember that a well-structured paper is more pleasure to read and is more understandable. Create a thesis statement your essay will revolve around. Pick a point of view and follow it, don’t contradict yourself. Once you are done with that, start creating your first draft. It would be a great idea if you gave your draft to someone you trust for them to share their opinion on your paper. This will give you hindsight of what you should improve on, what should be added or omitted. Mind your style, your main goal is not to express your feelings, but to make readers feel the same.

The importance of an eye-catching title

However, the above does not matter if your essay will never be read by anyone. That is why it is vital to discuss a catchy essay topic. Most people won’t even bother reading your essay if its title doesn’t make them do so. Remember that nomen est omen (“the name is a sign”), so choose your topic wisely as the success of your creative essay depends on it greatly.

What else can you use to ease the process of writing?

  • Think about your target audience. Remember that a creative essay is meant to be read, it is not your diary, so you should work on the style and ways you develop ideas. Avoid using words or expressions your readers might be unaware of. Try not to overcomplicate things.
  • Just like the title, the introduction is also critical. It should contain a ‘hook’ that grabs readers’ attention and doesn’t let them put your essay away until they are finished. Even the most fascinating topic can be spoiled by a poorly developed opening. The last thing you’d want is that people will not get interested in what you are talking about.
  • Mind the structure of your essay. Even though it is called creative, it does not imply that it shouldn’t be structured. Traditional arrangement of ideas (intro, body, conclusion) will ensure that your paper is easy to read. Good organization of your thought will also let them run smoothly.
  • Use various stylistic devices and expressive means to make your writing more fascinating. Otherwise, it will seem boring, and nobody will read it until the end. Make use of metaphors, epithets, puns. Don’t abuse them, though. Find that happy medium, and you can be sure that your essay will become an outstanding one.
  • Be creative in everything. Your piece is not an academic report. Use your imagination to develop an interesting setting, plot, characters. Try adding some details that you think might make your piece of writing more colorful. Nobody’s expecting you to be as skillful as George Martin, but you should definitely try.
  • Being creative may be difficult for some people. That is why it is important to develop your imagination. How many great thought you had that ended up being forgotten by the end of the day? A good idea would be to have a notebook with you, no matter where you go. You never know when you are going to be struck by your inspiration, just be ready to put down the ideas that suddenly occur, which you can use in your work later.

Breaking down the structure

No matter what you look at, everything has its order. Your paper should not be an exception. A well-structured essay is likely not only to be read by more people but will also ensure that you receive a better mark if this was your assignment. The traditional organization of any paper includes introduction, body, and conclusion. Although that this is pretty straightforward, let’s analyze each element that a creative essay structure should have.

  • Introduction. This is the opening. A paragraph that should grasp readers’ attention (after a catchy title, of course). Remember that this is where you should introduce your topic and give your readers a hint of what you are going to talk about later. Importantly, it should end with a thesis statement that summarizes the topic of the discussion at hand. For instance, if you decided to dwell on the topic of immortality, a thesis statement could be like: “Being immortal means that you live forever, but what should a person do with that much time to spare?”
  • Body. This part typically includes 3-5 paragraphs dedicated to the actual discussion of the topic. However, if your essay is a longer one, don’t be confused with the given number. Generally speaking, a body is a part of the paper that is between the introduction and conclusion. This is where you should develop the plot, discuss the problem at hand, highlight all the important aspects, etc.
  • Conclusion. Once you’ve addressed the issue, it is time to come up with a conclusion. In this type of writing, you should be clear about what your position is. Remember that this one is not an argumentative essay, in which readers should be left with food for thought. You should be as precise as possible. Of course, people should either agree with you or not, but avoid using an open ending for your creative essay.

Polishing your creative essay

One of the last things you’d want to happen is the submission of a ‘raw’ paper. After you are done with writing, it is too soon to give it in. Taking into account that you compose your creative essay beforehand and not 1 day before the due date, it would be a great idea to put your paper aside and read it the following day. Once you do this, you will be amazed at how many things you can do differently and how many of them you’d like to change. Use your time wisely for you to have this chance to check everything before the submission.

Another good idea is to give your finished paper to someone you trust for them to read it. A fresh look at your essay may help you find the drawbacks. Don’t be offended by the criticism, though. You are not a professional, perceive your friend’s advice as their wish to give you essay help you get better. The right attitude to criticism will not only improve your style but also preserve your relationships with those you trust.

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Proofread your paper before submission. You can utilize various online resources that can also check your piece for plagiarism, for example online plagiarism checker The last thing you want is that your thoughts appear to be stolen from somewhere else.

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