Best Assignment Motivation Tips for Self-Improvement

30 May 2019

They say that students must strive for progress and not perfection, which sounds especially true when one should do homework. Even with little time left, complex subject can be completed. Assignment motivation is what helps move further and getting things done. Some strive for scholarships or chance to go out with friends, while others take breaks, switching to something they really enjoy. Trouble is that even with great schedules, college life rarely allows students stick to them, which makes motivation an only power that works in cases of emergency or strict deadlines that should be met. Therefore, most Australian college or university students implement personal rewards system because when one has something to look for, homework seems much easier and... rewarding!

Homework Reward is Crucial!

Thinking about how to get motivated to do assignments, start with rewards that not only help prevent the burnout from studying too much, but also inspire for researching and walking an extra mile when getting assignment done. There may be very different reward types, yet in each case, it works as positive brain stimulation that keeps people focused and protected from external factors that usually distract. For example, if one wants to spend time on Facebook or play favourite game, it remains in a person's mind as he or she completes an assignment. Thus, doing either becomes a reward. Yet home tasks should come first! Who likes chatting with friends, knowing that there are heaps assignments left? Now think about studying while you know that good things are still ahead! It is a source of motivation to finish earlier and relax!

There are several rewards type, including:

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  • Taking a break every 15-20 minutes. Reward yourself with breaks by simply doing nothing. Sit back, relax, do not let tired mind mess with your head for a while. If you stopped writing or reading, it does not mean that something should be done immediately. Sort study books, tidy your room, stretch, think of something that makes you smile!
  • Switching towards something totally new and challenging. Australian psychologists recommend having breaks for challenging tasks that are not related to given homework. If you are future computer engineer, look up innovative online security methods or future technologies. Likewise, if you are a nursing student, think of how can healthcare practices be improved in rural areas for aboriginal people. Imagine that it is personal future project and think of changes that are necessary! Once ready, return to homework in high spirits!
  • Planning amazing home party. Reward yourself with a party where all the friends will come over. You got homework done, taking due time, so study hard and party hard, as they say!
  • Going online afterwards. Most modern students in Australia spend hours online, so social media becomes number one distraction when assignments should be completed. Set up an alarm clock for homework and complete as much as possible. If you manage, go online! If not, - work harder!
  • Taking a walk. Starting with writing tasks, it is always good to take a walk outside and free one’s mind! It not only helps see things clearer, but makes tired brain work twice as efficiently!

10 Tips on How to Find Motivation to Do Your Assignment

Knowing how to be motivated to do your homework is already half task achieved! Finding something that inspires is the most powerful cover against stress and anxiety. Here are ten writing tips that are starting points to work out personal study strategies:

  1. Write Down Reasons for Doing Assignments - make a list of things why one should study and why it is beneficial for future career!
  2. Take a Break & Refresh Your Body - make pauses for some fresh juice or stretching, taking a quick walk or strumming few guitar chords!
  3. Choose Comfortable Studying Environment - find some place where it feels safe. If it is a student's cafe or sitting at the park, let it be!
  4. Set Time Periods - 30 minutes for studying, 15 minutes for leisure can do wonders and helps avoid exhaustion. If your body begs to stop studying, always listen and have some rest!
  5. Study in a Team - if possible, do homework with a good friend, so there is a free tutor by your side. Share ideas, comment, think strategically, help and motivate each other, coming up with special learning methods.
  6. Choose Personality That Inspires - look up to people that inspire for assignment motivation ideas. If someone you follow could achieve success, it means that you already have correct inspiration, just begin! Do not expect tasks to be easier, but motivate yourself to get better!
  7. Visit Libraries - spend some time researching at the local library or visit countless online libraries to make your assignments unique.
  8. Get Away From Distractions - no TV in the background or Facebook friends sending messages. Keep things quiet, it allows studying faster!
  9. Freewriting Approach - when in writer’s block, try freewriting by setting alarm for 5 minutes and writing non-stop, all whatever comes to mind. Just write about not knowing what should be there!
  10. From Outline to Drafts - start each task with an outline of things that should be accomplished. Use drafts, so no idea is ever lost! Completing outline teaches students about different academic formats, writing styles, letting each task remain within grading rubric rules.

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