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Following the right format is key to submitting high-quality assignments. This is why every student should use a high-quality APA reference generator to edit tasks before submission.
The APA or American Psychological Association citation style is an author-date system where you cite sources used in your academic tasks. Whether you’re writing a report, paper, article, or even book, this is the right format to mention the books and other academic references used in your assignment.

What is an APA System?

APA is a dual system which has 2 elements: in-text citation and a reference list at the end. When you’re mentioning in-text references, you have to write the name of the author, year of publication, and page number. This information is written at the end of your sentence in brackets before the punctuation mark. It’s critical for students to paraphrase cited sources in their words to compose an original assignment. Other references like magazines, newspapers, websites, videos, and blog posts are also popular in academic writing.

At the end of your academic assignment, you should include a list of all sources used in creating your academic assignment according to the APA system. Listing bibliography in an alphabetical order shows professors and teachers that you’ve done lots of research to compose an academic task. Students should write the author’s last name followed by the year of publication. The book’s or journal’s title is written in italics, followed by page number. It’s critical to list all in-text cited sources in your reference section.

In some cases, teachers and professors might ask you to use footnotes while formatting on your essay or paper in APA. Content footnotes offer more information about a particular topic, instead of writing lengthy paragraphs. A copyright permission is used when citing adapted materials like tables and graphs.

Footnotes are mentioned on a new page after references listed in the bibliography section or they’re mentioned at the end of each relevant page when you’re writing in APA style. If you’re writing footnotes on a separate page, you should avoid using bold or italics.

Where is APA Style Used?

The APA reference style is used when composing academic articles in particular academic disciplines like education, social sciences, behavioral sciences, psychology, and humanitarians. Whether you’re writing a research paper or essay, a high-quality APA referencing generator helps you write an excellent academic task that follows the right format and shows you’re submitting an original and authentic task.

Students are asked to follow the APA referencing style in writing dissertations, articles, essays, papers, reports, or other types of coursework assignments. Using a reliable APA reference generator saves time and effort because you’ll use a reliable tool to do hard work on your behalf.

Why is it Important to List References?

You’re busy and have tens of pending assignments that should be submitted within a short period. Why should you spend more time to list references used in creating your academic assignment? Why is it so crucial to use an APA reference generator?

Although you’ve done lots of work, you need to prove it. Referencing is a critical aspect of academic literature composition. It allows readers, including professors and other students to access the source documents used for obtaining the information included in your task. They verify and check the validity of your argument. Moreover, referencing is a practical way to acknowledge the effort of other people who worked to create books, journals, articles, and other academic materials that students use to research for their work.

Using an excellent APA citation generator helps you improve your grades. The right APA reference generator will give more weight to your comments and arguments as it proves that you’ve read widely, studied, and analyzed all information related to your paper’s or essay’s topic. As a result, your work will be respected and acknowledged. Citation is highly valued in the most reputable universities in Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, and other parts of the world.
Moreover, using an APA reference generator, you’ll avoid being accused of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of someone else’s work, passing it as yours. This applies to all published online and printed materials, including books, journals, articles, and other sources. Even if these sources are free and available, students should cite these sources if they’re creating an assignment based on them.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense that costs you valuable grades and affects your credibility. It’s unethical because you’re stealing intellectual property by taking advantage of someone else’s work. If detected, your assignment will be dismissed. A professor or teacher will ask you to repeat work, and this means you’ll waste more time and effort. Moreover, you’ll be accused of an ethical offense that shows you aren’t an honest person. This might affect your academic future as people know you don’t mind taking credit for something created by someone else. Use an APA reference generator to save the day.

How can Students Avoid Plagiarism?

In most cases, students don’t even know that they’re accused of plagiarism. They’ve probably worked hard on their assignments and done all necessary research. Here is how you can avoid plagiarism in every academic assignment.

  • Before working on your essay or paper, you should have a good plan. Devote time to listing all sources in your academic assignment when you’re creating your task’s plan. This data will be used in your generator.
  • Paraphrase all the sources. Although you’re using other people’s work to build your essay or paper, it’s critical to use your own words and writing style. Your task is a representation of your opinion and beliefs. So you must make sure that your work is different from the original text.
  • Devote time to read and edit your draft before submission. Make sure that every in-text citation entry corresponds to one in the references list. A good generator will help you create an excellent references list.

Professors and teachers won’t regard common knowledge as an act of academic plagiarism, so you shouldn’t worry about using an APA reference generator. Common knowledge includes historical facts, dates, events, and other pieces of information that a student studying in this particular academic discipline naturally knows.

APA Style Formatting:

Do you think that every student should use an APA reference generator to cite their academic tasks? There are several tips that you can follow to create the perfect bibliography in your essay or paper without using a citation creator:

  1. References should always start on a separate page. It should be titled “References” and centered.
  2. For in-text citation, you should stick to the author’s last name and year of publication. In the references section, you’ll add first initial and book’s title. This is how an automatic generator works.
  3. All your entries in the references section should be listed in alphabetical order.
  4. The first line of each reference should be flush with the left margin.
  5. References should be double-spaced.
  6. Every reference mentioned in the text should correspond to an entry in the list.
  7. Every source has a unique way of formatting. So whether you’re citing a book, a journal or a website, you should follow the right citation style according to APA system.
  8. No names or pages should appear in the footer of your essay or paper.
  9. Use Times New Roman font 12 with double spacing in every part of your assignment.
  10. Keep the margin of your document set at 1 inch.

Following these tips help you submit a high-quality task that will impress your professor and other interested parties, with or without the help of a professional APA reference generator.

Use a Reliable APA Referencing Tool:

Do you think that citing sources takes too much time? Most students agree. They lack the time needed to edit and review their pending assignments, so they need a reliable APA referencing tool to cite all sources. Luckily, this generator exists.

This citation machine is a valuable software offered by reputable writing services. The referencing maker helps you submit excellent quality tasks that grant you amazing grades. After you’ve spent days working on your task, you must make sure that it’s free from errors. It’s straightforward and effortless so you can have more time to work on other significant assignments.

Using our APA citation machine, you can cite all academic sources in a few minutes to save time and avoid mistakes:

  • Pick the type of source you’re citing. Different sources like magazines, books, web pages, and online videos can be used to gather and research information for academic tasks.
  • Enter relevant information into the generator. This could be the webpage’s or video’s URL, the title of the book, or academic journal.
  • The generator searches millions of sources for data and information to provide you with the right APA format.

Use our reliable APA style checker to add more credibility to your assignment.

Citing Different Sources:

Whether you’re working using an APA reference generator or citing on your own, there are several types of sources that you can use to research your academic topic. As a matter of fact, the more variable sources you use, the better your assignment will be. Professors and teachers will be impressed with the quality of your task because you’ve worked hard to compose it.
Here is how you can cite different sources in your task’s references section:

  • Books:

If you don’t want to use an APA reference generator to cite a book, you can easily do it on your own. Books are either found in print or digitally. A book is a reliable academic composition of relevant material to include in your task.

According to the APA reference system, you should start with the author’s last name followed by the first initial and middle initial and the year of publication between brackets. After that, write the book’s title in italics, followed by location and publisher. Some books have more than one author. List the names of authors in the same fashion separated by commas. When citing an e-book write the URL after the books’ title. There will be no publisher or location.

  • Magazines:

Magazines are published periodically and are usually devoted to one theme. Most students would refer to print or online magazines to gather information about the latest trends because they’re always up to date.

When citing a magazine’s article, start by mention the author’s last name followed by first initial. Between brackets, write year and month of publication, followed by the title of the article and magazine’s name in italics. In the end, mention the page number or range. If this sounds too difficult, use a reliable generator instead.

  • Newspapers:

You can find printed and online newspapers containing relevant information for your upcoming essay or paper. These are periodical publications about the latest news, events, opinion articles, and interviews.

If you have no access to a reliable APA reference generator, you can cite newspaper articles on your own. They are similar to magazines, so start by the author’s last name and first initial. This is followed by year and month of publication, and title of article and newspaper in italics. Finally, you should add the page range. Online newspapers are cited in the same way, except that you should mention the URL your article is retrieved from at the end of an entry.

  • Websites:

More students are currently using websites as references because they’re free and accessible. APA referencing style is effortless as you mention the author’s last name, first initial, year and month of publication followed by the title. In the end, write the URL and date you accessed this information. The entry will be ready without using any APA generator.

Examples of APA Style Citations:

Citing references in APA style is fundamental to submit excellent assignments. Check out the following examples to see how it’s done.

  • Book:

Print: Rowling, J.K. (2001). Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone. London: Bloomsburg Children’s.

Online: James, H. (2009). The ambassadors. Retrieved from

  • Magazine:

Print: Tumulty, K. (2006, April). Should they stay or should they go? Time, 167(15), 3-40.

Online: Tumulty, K. (2006, April). Should they stay or should they go? Time, 167(15) Retrieved from,9171,1179361,00.html

  • Newspapers:

Print: Sloss, D. (2013, January 1). How I Went to the Zoo to See Penguins. New Standup Times, p. 1.

Online: Sloss, D. (2013, January 1). How I Went to the Zoo to See Penguins. New Standup Times p. 1. Retrieved from

  • Websites:

Brandignity (2016) How Marketing Has Changed In the Past 20 Years available from <> [19 November 2018]

It’s important to follow the APA style rules while working on your task. These rules guarantee that your task will be valued and taken seriously and at the same time, they prove that you’ve worked hard to compose your task. Use an automatic APA style generator or do it on your own to list valuable sources to your work.